Mission Statement

DD & MH Provider of Oregon’s approach is to provide competent skills and supports in order to give our clients the building blocks to live life through their own goals and visions. We promote self-directed services and self-advocacy in all areas of life. We believe in the empowerment, and enrichment of one’s own accomplishments in their personal life as well through community achievements and connections.


Making Connections that Will Last a Lifetime

We are a small family owned Medicaid Agency in Sandy Oregon that has been providing supports and services since 2012. We provide Employment Supports, In-Home, and Community Inclusion Supports, Services and Life Skills for people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in order to obtain their self-directed goals. We strive to provide as many opportunities for volunteering, social events and building lifetime friendships. We believe that everyone can contribute to building a healthy and strong community.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm