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Employment Professional/Job Coach Qualifications

•    Pass a criminal, driving, and CPS background check (CRIMS)
•    Experience working as with individuals with disabilities;
•    Independent thinker;
•    Excellent communicator.
•    Own a smartphone/tablet;
•    Self-Motivated;
•    Have reliable transportation and proof of insurance;
•    Minimum of 100k/300k liability insurance;
•    Patient and compassionate;
•    Have a basic understanding of remote work Apps/Software
•    Resourceful;
•    Dependable, reliable, and committed;
•    Problem Solver;
•    Have solid life skills in order to teach life skills

Employment Professional 

Employment Professional/Job Coach Job Details:

● Skills Training
● Full Time 35-40 Hours weekly or Part Time a minimum of 20 hours per week.

• Supporting the new employee to learn the job.
• Supporting the person to identify and develop any needed adaptations or accommodations.
• Coordination with a residential provider, transportation provider, or the person’s natural supports to ensure
supports are in place so that the individual will be successful on the job. This includes, for example, support

  1. to arrive at work on time, support to ensure proper hygiene

  2. support to ensure the individual’s work clothing has been laundered and is ready

  3. support to ensure the individual has snacks or meals that will be neede
    at work, etc.

• Coordinating with others who support the person with services such as behavioral, medical, or other supports.
• Assisting the employee to develop communication with supervisors and co-workers.
• Assisting the employee to develop work appropriate relationships with supervisors and co-workers.
• Collaborating with the employee and the employer to develop natural supports.
• Coaching to advance in a career as evidenced by a job coach fading support, raises, more hours, increased responsibility and/or promotion, etc. 
● Scheduling
● Safety
● Communication skills
● Socialization supports
● Advocating
● Transportation.

Ongoing and Maintenance Job Coaching:

  1. It is expected that, for most people, the degree and intensity of these supports will decrease  and/or maintenance Job Coaching begins.

About Oregon Providers

We are a small family-owned Medicaid Agency in Sandy, Oregon, with over fourteen years of experience in the field. We provide Employment Supports, In-Home, and Community Inclusion Supports, Services, and Life Skills for adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities to obtain their self-directed goals. We strive to provide as many opportunities for volunteering, social events, and building lifetime friendships. We believe that everyone can contribute to building a healthy and strong community.

As an employee with DD & MH Provider of Oregon, The Employment  Professional/Job Coach provides support to adults  with developmental & intellectual disabilities according to their Individual Support Plans (ISP’s) in compliance with Oregon Provider (The Agency) and Oregon Department of Disability Service (ODDS).

The goal of the Employment Professional/Job Coach is focused on enriching the life of each

individual they support according to their self directed goals. These are a basic outline of your job

duties and responsibilities but are not limited to:

Let's Work Together

Employment Opportunities
Please click on the link below to fill out an application for the position you are applying for and we will call you to setup a zoom interview. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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