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Agency Director
Patricia Kendrick

Network Administrator
Billy Kendrick

    Patricia Kendrick opened Oregon Provider because she served the DD/ID community since 2012 as an Independent Contractor and wanted to give more to her beautiful community. Since June of 2017, we have been able to help the people we serve by giving them the tools and platform to obtain there self directed goals and to contribute to their community on all levels. We appreciate our community supporters, our team, and the people we serve, without you, we would not be who we are!

    Meet Our Management

    Employment Coordinator
    Since 2017

    Rebecca Smith

    Hello my name is Rebecca and I am in my mid 30's. I have always enjoyed doing things outside and love sports. I have been in the field working with people with barriers for about 6 years now. Prior to this I was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I have learned many life skills and lessons while working with people and I enjoy training others and teaching them how to live independently. I previously was the client coordinator for this agency and I am now the employment coordinator. My job with employment is to oversee our employment specialist and guide them with the support needed through each process as well as obtaining new customers for our employment specialist. I have always had a mothering personality and with this job I am able to help others in a way that truly fulfills me.

      Meet Our

      Direct Support Professionals
      Employment Professionals

      Direct Support Professional
      Since 2021


      Hey I'm Kyle and I'm very high energy and outgoing. My interest include playing and watching sports such as basketball and football. I love watching anime and spending time with my friends. I provide in home and community supports.

        Employment Professional Since 2019


        Hello. My name is Michelle and I have been employed with DD&MH Provider of Oregon since July 2019. I am a wife and mom of two boys. I enjoy church, volleyball, animals, eating in new restaurants and coffee with friends. Up until 2019 I was a homeschooling parent. My children finished schooling at home and I wanted to work. I ended up at DD&MH because I myself have a family member that receives DD services. I understood the importance of his providers to him and his mom(my sister) so naturally I gravitated towards this line of work. I am an Employment Professional, but I also provide DSP services when needed..

          Employment Professional Since 2020


          My name is Shayla I live with my husband and two pets, spooky who is our cat and Grizzly our one year old red heeler. I am trained to do employment supports as well as direct supports. I love spending time with my friends and family as well as those who I support. My favorite thing about my job is watching those around me grow and become better people and learn new skills. I have been doing this line of work since 2019 and have enjoyed meeting all of the new people it has brought me.

            Employment Professional Since 2021


            I am a mother of 2 grown children and grandma of 4 grandsons. I love hanging out and getting out finding fun and new "adventures" to do with my grandsons. I have a dog and kitten that I love having around for cuddles and play. I have been in the "helping field" most of my working life. I have been a case manager, a caregiver, a CNA to name a few. I have been a DSP and PSW for over 5 years; I have worked with children and adult customers. My hobbies are crafting, crocheting, I enjoy making things, reading, cooking, baking, trying new recipes, learning new things and exploring new places. My past adventures, I flew up in a glider plane, went zip-lining and on my last birthday I went hot air ballooning with my daughter.

              266-0-2 (1).jpg
              Direct Support Professional Since 2021


              My name is Lisa. My hobbies include but are not limited to playing card games and baking cakes. I have worked in this field for the past 15 years. I started with working in a day program with up to 30 clients everyday. I conducted classes such as cooking, math, telling time, and job skills per their ISP’s and also did community outings. I held yearly ISP meetings with their family members and coordinators and anyone else they invited. I transitioned into a one on one support of a young lady with Downs Syndrome.. She was very independent and I supported her in any activities she was interested in doing such as basketball, tennis, cheerleading. While this job has its challenges the reward is seeing someone you support learn a new skill or just become better at one they already have. I love to interact with clients particularly in a group setting and just get them to talking about what’s on their mind.

                Direct Support Professional Since 2022


                I moved to Oregon in 2017 to be able to explore this amazing state. I love to be outdoors - whether it's hiking, foraging for mushrooms, backpacking, or swimming. If I'm not outside, you can find me hanging out with my cat, cooking, or lifting weights. I have worked with individuals with disabilities since 2015, and currently work for a transition program in Portland as the Vocation Transition Assistant, while also working as a DSP through Oregon Provider for my two lovely neighbors. I love to help others develop their independence through life skills, job skills, and the ability to advocate for themselves.

                  download (5).png
                  Direct Support Professional Since 2022


                  My name is Sara, 35 born in Oakland California raised in Portland Oregon. I enjoy the outdoors, crafting, traveling, and spending time with my daughter . I have been in this field for 15 years. I have experience in homecare support for clients daily needs. I'm in this field to be a role model and advocate for these clients who need someone to help them in anything they are struggling with. I'm always there to listen and whom they may feel safe with.

                    MicrosoftTeams-image (76).png
                    Direct Support Professional Since 2017


                    I have over 6 years of experience of working with people with disabilities including DSP supports and job coaching. I enjoy helping clients reach their goals and leading a healthy lifestyle. My favorite activities to do with clients include cooking, exercising and getting out into community-visiting movie theaters, thrift stores and libraries. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and vaccinated.

                      Employment Professional & Direct Support Professional Since 2019


                      My Name is Sharif Babajan. My hobbies include Hiking, repairing cars and gardening. I have worked as a DSP/Employment professional on and off since 2019 with many diverse people as far north as Vancouver, and as far south as Woodburn. I have employment experiences in fields such as food service, metal fabrication, semi conductor production, and delivery driving. I really enjoy working in this field because I like directly helping people make improvements in their lives whether it be at home, in the community or at work. I try to always keep and open mind and strive to help people I work with meet and exceed their goals and expectations. I look forward to meeting or working with all new or potential clients!

                        Employment Professional Since 2021


                        I am the oldest of 6 kids. I enjoy video games, films, and anime. When I am not working, I am either spending time with my family or with my friends. I do in home supports and community supports.

                          Direct Support Professional Since 2021


                          I am a caring compassionate person. I like to make people laugh, I can be goofy at times, I always put people first. I like to go fishing and going to the beach, I'm a very adventurous person and love to be outside. I have been a PSW for the past 3 years for my sister for the past 3 years. I am now a DSP for my sister. Family comes first to me!

                            Employment Professional Since 2022


                            My name is Raquel and I've been working to improve the lives of others for over 7 years now. I love giving back to my community whenever I can. There isn't anything more rewarding than knowing I was able to help someone else. When I am not working, I am spending time with my four wonderful children. Some of my hobbies include crafting, baking, hiking, and going to the gym! I believe in the power of a positive attitude. The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

                              image1 (1).jpeg
                              Employment Professional Since 2021


                              Hello, my name is Cheri Fox and I am a proud mama of five children, 5 grandchildren and absolutely love spending time with my family. I have lived all over the Northwest, mostly on farms, and have been in this area for the past twenty-two years. I enjoy walking, reading, crafts, hiking, camping and riding quads at the dunes. I have been in Direct Support since 2009. I have enjoyed encouraging my fellow human beings my whole life and believe that everyone can use a grace, a smile and a laugh. I look forward to meeting new people and what I can learn from them.

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