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SMA Document Writer

SMA Document Writer Responsibilities

The Position and Responsibilities:

  • Keeping client files up to date and in compliance;

  • Keeping ODDS Contract files in compliance;

  • Experienced in writing Action Plans, PRMS, Safety Plans, an Protocols

  • Attend and advocate for clients in and ISP and other meetings; 

  • Working with all management as a team in order to provide the best supports and service to our clients;

  • Working directly with staff to help support them and train them on the needs of our clients both in office and in the field;

  • Attend weekly management meetings to communicate on the knowledge of our clients and employees in order to address areas of concerns and issues;

  • Other job duties as needed

SMA Document Writer  Job Qualifications

  • Qualifications:

  • Data entry experience

  • Experience as a Program or House Manager

  • Multitasker in fast paced environment

  • Experienced in writing Action Plans, PRMS, Safety Plans, an Protocols

  • Working knowledge of eXPRS

  • Working with multiple systems

  • Team Leader

  • Able to work with projects that require deadlines

  • Dependable and  reliable

  • Easily adapts to changes

  • Good under pressure

  • Able to instruct and teach others

  • Good organizational skills

  • Independent thinker and self-motivated

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Proficient written and typing skills

  • Pass a state-required criminal, driving, and CPS background check (CRIMS).

  • Have a good understanding of Google Docs

We are a small family-owned Medicaid Agency in Sandy, Oregon, with over fourteen years of experience in the field. We provide Employment Supports, In-Home, and Community Inclusion Supports, Services, and Life Skills for adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities to obtain their self-directed goals. We strive to provide as many opportunities for volunteering, social events, and building lifetime friendships. We believe that everyone can contribute to building a healthy and strong community.

As an employee with DD & MH Provider of Oregon, The SMA Document Writer provides support to adults  with developmental & intellectual disabilities through writing Action Plans, PRMS, Safety Plans, and Protocols.  In addition, participating 
and advocating for clients in and ISP and other meetings, and keeping client files up to date and in compliance;
and ODDS Contract files in compliance

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