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Hello my name is Adam.  My career path has always included the desire to make a difference. I volunteered to be the adaptive PE coach in high school. I studied Physical Therapy before settling on Prosthetics & Orthotics becoming a clinical provider of orthopedics devices. I then blended that with being a strength and conditioning coach. I trained both able bodies and adaptive individuals. Remodeling homes filled some time in my life when my gym closed due
to the pandemic. I am now finding the desire to work helping and assisting folks with needs again. I consider myself a maker. In my spare time I enjoy creating with wood, leather, metal, and well just about anything that seems interesting. I grew up in the Adirondacks mountains of New York and continue to enjoy the mountains here in Oregon. RC truck racing is right up there with hobbies.  The love of my family is my anchoring force. I am married to my best friend and we
have an amazing daughter who continues to impress us.


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