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Hello My name is Jennifer. I have a ten year old grandson and we enjoy camping, fishing and hiking. Before working for Oregon Provider I worked as a case manager for Ant Farm Youth services. I provided Rental and Utility assistance for those impacted by the pandemic. During my time there I discovered that I had a passion for helping people. I truly loved my job and my clients, I ensured that my clients understood what was required and helped them get the help the needed. Sometimes people were stressed out and worried and I loved being able to take some of that burden off their shoulders. Before Ant Farm I worked at Adventist Heath for 12 years as a housekeeper. I saw people and their family members worried and scared. I always had a way of showing empathy and compassion to relieve peoples worries. I believe these attributes assist with the work I do here at Oregon Provider. I truly believe in treating people with kindness, patience and individuality, I believe this allows the client to obtain and achieve their desired outcomes.

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